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We offer a range of services to meet all of your access needs and requirements.


The tendering process can be a tiresome task if you don't have the in house temporary works expertise to hand. KAS Scaffolding can provide advice at tender stage to ensure that all quotations are completed and submitted equal, ensuring that all tenderers are submitting robust quotations. 

In addition, KAS Scaffolding can provide competitive quotations whether at budget or secured phases.


New Build Construction

KAS have extensive experience in the housebuilding sector, supporting the following build types:

-Timber Frame

-Traditional Brick and Block

-Steel Frame

KAS understands the constraints and deadlines of new build construction and works with clients to deliver projects on time, and safely.

In addition, KAS also have experience in MMC (Modular) Housebuilding, and have historically worked with clients at the forefront of the industry for building homes efficiently and sustainably.

Residential Works 

As the common Phrase goes "no job too small", KAS still support regional domestic projects for smaller house builders and developers, self builders and the like. 


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Refurbishments and Heritage Works

When choosing a Scaffolder for Heritage or Refurbishment works, it is imperative you select a contractor with expert knowledge in the field. 

With our TWC trained personnel, and with our design partner 48.3 Scaffold Design, we can tailor a a temporary works plan that suits you, the building occupants and the local general public, all in accordance with local and trade regulations. 

Petrochemical/ Industrial Works

As Scaffolding is ultimately just an access methodology, different industries have nuanced requirements and regulations that need to be met to ensure all works are competed safety.

KAS have extensive experience working at various power stations, fuel depots and the like, including Navigator Terminals, who KAS regularly undertake preventative and reactive works for on a weekly basis.

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